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You should see one or more copies of 'Motorola USB Modem' and one of them should have a COM port underneath 'Attached To'. But if you have a V551, it can be done! Set this offset to "01" to turn it on. Did you restart your phone? P2Kman is available here: XVI32 is available here: A master list of hacks is here: compiled from various sources... So, to add an item, simply find a menu item you don't want around anymore and replace it with the new menu item. Is the phone recognized as "Motorola USB Modem" when you first plug it in? I have my system tones set to "1" because I want them much quieter, but don't want them completely turned off. It's all of your menu items! Save the file, upload it to your phone, and restart. Here's how to unlock that key or another key, for that matter so you can change it to what you want. As an example, I'm going to replace "SIM Applications" in Office Tools with AIM. Addendum 3- Phone Malfunction: So you made a mistake seem editing, and now your phone turns on, but crashes immediately and you can't maintain a connection to P2Kman long enough to restore your backup seems and files. Avoid the 'futuredial' cable; it doesn't work very well. Does Windows recognize that there is any type of USB device plugged in? Then click the "Upload seem" button, browse to the folder where the modified seem file is, and click ok. I hope it's a Motorola OEM one. Hex, you'll only see "D". If you're successful, you'll see "uploading seem N 0032record N 0001 ok" - the "ok" at the end means you've done it properly. Do you want the date to always display? By keeping this page open and reading the information below, you agree to these stipulations. It can be fixed. Note that each menu item starts with "A" or " " - don't change that. This is very important. It depends on which flex you're running - provider-branded flexes are notorious for removing menu items to make space for crap like "Cingular Mall" and "mMode". To verify everything's installed, double check that everything is in your device manager. You will likely not be able to register on any of those towers, though, due to lack of roaming agreements. Take a deep breath. PM via Howard Forums only.

Hopefully your phone won't crash before getting to the screen that says "Insert SIM".

Make some animated GIFs that are 176x220 pixels and upload them to your phone as those filenames. I'm serious about this. What type of USB cable are you using? You'll see a box at the bottom center of P2Kman called "Seem. You can change the text that's displayed by altering the values on the text side of the hex editor. Motorola Cable SKN6311B Turn your phone off, plug your charger into the side of the USB cable, and then plug the USB cable into the phone. If you have a V551, use these. Content Relevant URLs by vBSEO 3. Reset the file attribute to "4". Right now, in my spcolor.

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If you have questions, contact me via PM on - my handle is 'xlr8'.

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